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The viewers are increasingly demanding more features and better content from the TV channels and cable operators. These new technologies like PVR, video on demand, IPTV are revolutionizing the viewing experience.


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The cable Television network is something that is very near and dear to the hearts of many people…


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We deliver Video on Demand With Sub-Second Latency Globally With Limelight Realtime Streaming. Lowest Rebuffer Rates…

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Live TV

Watch free live tv news streaming online and live tv newsflash about breaking news, sports news, entertainment and movies …

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The current TV transmission in India is predominantly analog which does not allow any technological upgradation. Besides it results in huge revenue leakage for the Indian cable operators as the household gets more than one TV connected to cable and pays only for one connection. Besides the quality of analog transmission is very poor.  In the case of analog transmission, the operator cannot restrict the choice of channels to the customer. As a result, the cable operators pay for pay channels even if they are not required by the user. Digitalization leads to triple play where the customers get TV, broadband connection and telephone services from the same source. This will facilitate the cable operator to effectively compete with DTH and IPTV technologies.

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